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Tutorial: How to make photo cards

Photo cards are really simple to make, and you can customise them for every occasion. I do find myself looking at a view and thinking ‘that would make a lovely card’, so be warned – once you’ve started, you’ll always be looking for that perfect photo! You just need a few simple things to be able to make beautiful cards for all occasions. Say thank you to a friend, remind someone of a happy time together or say Happy Birthday – the possibilities are endless!

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Tutorial: How to make your own bunting cards


Before our wedding, I had hoped to make these lovely little bunting cards to use as our thank you cards – but by the time we got back we were back at work in a flash and I didn’t have the time. But they would have made excellent thank you cards! In fact, they’re great for any occasion, because, let’s face it, you can’t beat a bit of bunting! You can customise them for any colour scheme, or make smaller bunting – the options are endless. If you’re using patterned paper then try to pick smaller patterns to get as much as you can on the card. Continue reading…