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Caramel cake

Today is World Baking Day and so I had to share a cake recipe with you! I made this caramel cake for my Mum’s birthday last month, and the recipe originally comes from the Clandestine Cake Club Cookbook (it’s a recipe by Nelly Ritchie who is in the Newcastle CCC – yay!). It was the first time I had made it but it was super easy – I just went a bit mad with the milk in the buttercream and it ended up being a little too runny as you can see! But it tasted amazing so nobody was too bothered 🙂  Read More

Guinness Parkin

Parkin is a real taste of Autumn, and I absolutely love it! Last year I made a traditional Yorkshire Parkin, but recently I spotted a less traditional recipe in Edd Kimber’s ‘The Boy Who Bakes‘ and just had to give it a go! I made two (one for a friend, who bought the Guinness – thanks Paula!) and the first was a disaster to look at because I put a little too much mixture in the loaf tin…oops! But the second one turned out lovely, and that’s the one I gave away! I remembered that I’d got some leftover frosting in the freezer and decided to use it to cover up the explosion – it tastes so good, and the white frosting and the dark Parkin makes it look just like a pint of Guinness! Parkin isn’t traditionally iced in any way, but for this non-traditional recipe it’s worth making an exception. Continue reading…