Strawberry and banana smoothie

So Easter has been and gone, and it’s back to work tomorrow. I’ve been doing my best to avoid the Sunday blues by keeping super busy all day – I’ve actually done quite well for once, which is really unusual for me! I’m trying not to focus on the negative things about going back, as we’ve had such a lovely holiday. So instead, I’ve been trying to think about how I’m going to do a bit more exercise (now it has been okayed by the physio) and how we can eat more healthily. I found this in my recipe book the other week and decided I’d make it this weekend. I don’t like to eat bananas, but I had forgotten how yummy they are in this! ‘Recipe’ is probably putting it a bit strongly as it’s SO easy to make, but it’s really good and is sure to kick-start a bit of healthy eating.  Read More

Roast carrot and butternut squash soup

We had a bit of leftover squash from our risotto the other week (I went a bit crazy on the amount that we actually needed!) so Tom said he’d make some soup with it and use up a big batch of carrots that we had too. He’s really good at just making stuff up, whereas I tend to follow a recipe more. Anyway, I think that this is the best soup he’s ever made! So I asked him to try to remember what he did so that I could write it down and share it with you – and here it is!  Read More

Cod with romesco sauce



Before I begin with this super tasty recipe, I must apologise for this terrible photo! The light in our kitchen was truly awful last night and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get a decent snap. So one day I’ll make it again and get a photo in better light!


We decided to make this for a day-after-Valentine’s meal, as we were out with friends on Valentine’s night itself. It’s a super tasty and really healthy recipe, although we undid all of that by following it with Mississippi mud pie! 🙂 We halved the original amounts shown below as there were only 2 of us, but it would be a great meal to cook for friends. This recipe comes from Gordon Ramsay’s ‘World Kitchen’. Continue reading…

Spiced Apple and Squash Soup


Our lovely friend Sandra gave us a homegrown squash from her allotment last week (there’s nothing like homegrown veg!), and I’ve been looking for something tasty to make with it. I’ve recently discovered the recipe finder on the Waitrose website and decided to see what it suggested – this soup recipe is apparently one of the most popular recipes on the site at the moment! If you want to view the original recipe, and find more new ones, click here. This is a really fruity soup and the chilli give it a nice kick – perfect for Autumn. And you can make it on a week night, as this takes less than half an hour from preparation to table! Continue reading…

Low-fat tomato sauce | Hello! Hooray!

Low-fat Tomato Pasta Sauce

Before I met Tom, I couldn’t really cook. I could make something that vaguely resembled a stir-fry and I was also good at omelettes, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t have much confidence in the kitchen, and before moving away from home I also didn’t have a lot of time for cooking – I spent most of my time playing the violin! But now, thanks mainly to Tom, I’m much better at cooking. Tom learnt watching his Mum when he was younger, and this tomato pasta sauce recipe is one of their standard family recipes which he has now passed on to me. It’s a great basic tomato sauce which you can use in any pasta dish, and it also makes fabulous pizza topping. We usually make a huge stock pot of this and freeze it in small batches, and it tastes even better after it has been frozen. And to make it even better, it’s both low-fat and low-cost. Yippee!

Continue reading…