Homemade fish fingers

Sometimes, you just see a recipe and you know you have to make it. Did you ever get that feeling? I did with this fish finger recipe! As much as I like cooking different dishes, I do have a soft spot for a fish finger sarnie. It sounds a bit faffsome to make them from scratch, but I really can’t tell you how delicious these are! The hint of fresh lemon zest works beautifully with the slight kick of the cayenne, and they don’t take much more effort than getting them out of a packet…well, maybe a bit more effort than that but it’s worth it! Read More

Courgette Filo Pie

So the first thing you’ll probably think is ‘that isn’t filo pastry in the picture!’ – and if you’ve seen my last post then you’ll know that it isn’t! I came across this recipe for Courgette Filo Pie in the July issue of Country Living magazine, when looking for a recipe that included olives. This is because we’ve had a jar of olives in our cupboard for months and I realised the other day that they need eating up this month – but I’m not really a fan unless they are disguised in something! So this recipe (which is part of Sarah Raven’s ‘Grow and Cook’ series) seemed like a perfect choice.

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Tuna, courgette and tomato pasta bake


I was quite surprised when I looked through my blog posts earlier and discovered that I haven’t posted this recipe before – it is one of those ‘tried and tested’ ones that I’ve been making for years! In fact, my Mum used to make it when I was younger and it was one of the few things that I could actually cook when I left home to go to uni. You can use any pasta you like for this – macaroni works really well – but I used penne today. It was either that or our Simpsons pasta that Helen bought us – but you wouldn’t have recognised the Simpsons for the courgettes so we’re saving that for another day! Continue reading…