Tag: Cake

Lemon and elderflower drizzle cake
July 22, 2015

Having made a batch of elderflower cordial, I was keen to find some other ways to use it. Lemon and elderflower is a classic combination, and I'm a big fan of a lemon drizzle cake...

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Caramel cake
May 17, 2015

Today is World Baking Day and so I had to share a cake recipe with you! I made this caramel cake for my Mum's birthday last month, and the recipe originally comes from the...

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Banana bread
March 16, 2015

Some of you will already know that we only eat bananas in cake or bread form! Tom isn't a fan of fruit, and I can't get on with the texture of bananas at all. But in a cake, we...

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Banana and Nutella cake
January 16, 2015

Last weekend, we packed up the remaining items in our old kitchen in preparation for the builders to knock through at some point soon. It's going to be really dusty, so best to...

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Buttermilk cake
November 21, 2014

Our building work is in full swing now so there isn't really much cooking or baking going on at the moment. The work only started on Wednesday, and I'm missing it already! So it's...

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