Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake | Hello! Hooray!
Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake

I recently made Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake for a dear friend who is now dairy and gluten free. It can actually be quite difficult to find recipes that are both gluten and dairy free, so I was pleased to have found this one! Although you may be put off by the chocolate and olive oil combo, don’t be – there is no way you can tell at all and it’s a bit like a big brownie. I’m hoping to make it again soon as Nigella suggests serving it warm as a pudding. Yum!  Read More

Yorkshire Day parkin | Hello! Hooray!
Yorkshire Day parkin

1st August is Yorkshire Day, so we are celebrating by making some special Yorkshire Day parkin! It isn’t really called that, but Tom is taking a batch into work as it’s his first day back after taking shared parental leave (see my previous post for more on that). Going back to work is definitely a little bit easier if you have cake! Parkin is usually eaten in the autumn, but overtime I have it I think that I should make it more often. So it was nice to actually do that this year!  Read More

Pecan cake with raspberry ripple ice cream | Hello! Hooray!
Pecan cake with raspberry ripple ice cream

I really love getting back into baking again, and when I saw this recipe for pecan cake with raspberry ripple ice cream on Facebook I knew I had to give it a go! My Mum and Dad came to stay with us and that seemed like the perfect opportunity – it’s good to have someone to share it with. If you’ve got a sweet tooth you’ll love the toffee sauce! I think I’ll be making that to go with some other recipes in future as it was so good.  Read More

Orange and almond Victoria sponge cake | Hello! Hooray!
Orange and almond Victoria sponge cake

It has been a little while since I managed to do any baking – I did do a bit in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy as I had a thing about flapjack (recipe here) and wanted to have cake in the freezer (so I made this honey, banana and almond cake). My parents came up for the day on Saturday and I wanted to bake something, and I had seen this recipe for orange and almond Victoria sponge cake online a couple of weeks ago. I do love a twist on the classic Victoria sponge and as it was relatively easy to make, I thought it would be doable with Little One around!  Read More

Rainbow cake | Hello! Hooray!
Rainbow birthday cake

Hey everyone! Hope you’re all well? I was true to my word in my last post when I said that posts would be a bit more sporadic over here…lots of nesting and sleeping has been going on 🙂 But I’ve been meaning to type up a little post about my larger than expected rainbow birthday cake, so here it is!  Read More