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Almond and apricot cake
July 21, 2017

Little One has a list of foods for nursery, and we were recently asked to tick a few more off (even though she eats most of the things on it!). One of these was apricots. And with...

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Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake
September 28, 2016

I recently made Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake for a dear friend who is now dairy and gluten free. It can actually be quite difficult to find recipes that are both gluten and...

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Yorkshire Day parkin
August 1, 2016

1st August is Yorkshire Day, so we are celebrating by making some special Yorkshire Day parkin! It isn't really called that, but Tom is taking a batch into work as it's his first...

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Orange and almond Victoria sponge cake
May 24, 2016

It has been a little while since I managed to do any baking - I did do a bit in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy as I had a thing about flapjack (recipe here) and wanted...

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Rainbow birthday cake
February 12, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well? I was true to my word in my last post when I said that posts would be a bit more sporadic over here...lots of nesting and sleeping has been...

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