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Squidgy pumpkin and ginger loaf

I have seriously fallen in love with the humble pumpkin this year, and this is another recipe that I just had to try! We’re huge fans of ginger and it works perfectly with the pumpkin in this squidgy pumpkin and ginger loaf. It tastes even better if you wrap it up well in parchment paper and then in foil for a few days before eating it – it’s very difficult to do this but it’s so worth it!  Read More

Maple and Pecan Autumn Leaves


I had a really productive crafty day today, and if you’ve seen my previous post then you might have guessed that there was a bit of a leafy theme going on! I found this recipe for these biscuits in the November 2013 issue of Country Living magazine, and bought a set of leaf cutters to make them (which will no doubt come in handy again). The biscuits are yummy on their own but the maple buttercream is divine and makes them extra special, so well worth making that too. If you’ve got a sweet tooth like me then you’ll love them! Continue reading…

Guinness Parkin

Parkin is a real taste of Autumn, and I absolutely love it! Last year I made a traditional Yorkshire Parkin, but recently I spotted a less traditional recipe in Edd Kimber’s ‘The Boy Who Bakes‘ and just had to give it a go! I made two (one for a friend, who bought the Guinness – thanks Paula!) and the first was a disaster to look at because I put a little too much mixture in the loaf tin…oops! But the second one turned out lovely, and that’s the one I gave away! I remembered that I’d got some leftover frosting in the freezer and decided to use it to cover up the explosion – it tastes so good, and the white frosting and the dark Parkin makes it look just like a pint of Guinness! Parkin isn’t traditionally iced in any way, but for this non-traditional recipe it’s worth making an exception. Continue reading…

Yorkshire Parkin

For me, Yorkshire parkin is the true taste of Autumn. I’m a proud Yorkshire lass and there is nothing better on a chilly evening than drinking a cup of tea and munching on a slab of this wonderful treat. This is a really great recipe that was published in the Waitrose Weekend magazine on 13th September 2012. Make sure that you don’t over-bake it as it does dry out rather quickly. Continue reading…