Footprints in the sand

Footprints in the sand


I’m really pleased with these photos of footprints in the sand on Tiree. The wonderful thing about them is that I’d never be able to take them again – once the waves come in the footprints are gone.




This last photo isn’t of footprints, but an amazing pattern left in the sand – I’ve never seen anything like it!


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  • Boomdeeadda

    09.05.2013 at 07:36 Reply

    Those are very sweet and I love how that little bird meandered along so carefree. Why not take the scenic route? Straight would be boring.

    • Clare

      09.05.2013 at 08:40 Reply

      Exactly – they have the right idea! We couldn’t actually work out what sort of bird they were, but it was fun to watch them meandering on the beach. There are loads of oyster catchers on Tiree and they make the most incredible noise!

      • Boomdeeadda

        09.05.2013 at 08:52 Reply

        Sounds wonderful, I love being by the water so much, watching the shoreline birds just makes it all so glorious.

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