Beachcombing on Crossapol beach

Beachcombing on Crossapol beach


Beachcombing is one of those things that I could actually do for the whole day. Every beach is different, and every day is different, and that is the beauty of it. Sometimes you end up with loads of finds, sometimes the haul is not so good – but our walk along Crossapol beach was rather fruitful!



Here is a selection of some of the finds:


The textures and colours on these shells are beautiful – they are fairly similar in shape but each one is unique. I also made these other finds, which include a small patterned stone, some fragments of pottery and some amazing purple shells – such a beautiful shade of violet!


Crossapol beach was probably one of my favourites on Tiree – the long white sands make for great walks and it was so peaceful there.



I hope you’re enjoying these photos from Tiree!

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