A couple of weekends ago we went to Doncaster to stay with some very dear friends who we hadn’t seen for ages! On the Sunday afternoon we went up to Clumber Park – it was a glorious sunny spring day, which was perfect for wandering about and having the first picnic of 2014 🙂 Clumber Park is maintained by the National Trust (find out more on their website) and so there are lots of lovely things to do with great facilities. You can stay in the busier bits, or wander around on your own and hardly see anyone, so it’s perfect for spending a lazy afternoon!


We had a look around the lovely walled kitchen garden (which you need to pay extra to get in to if you’re not a member) and pottered around the lake and in the fab bookshop, where all books are £1! Tom got me some amazing vintage craft books – they’re so lovely that I’ll be doing a post about them, so look out for that…in the meantime, you can enjoy my photo gallery from Clumber Park!