Spring is in the air!



I’m so excited that spring is in the air! As you can see, our lovely crocus pickwick are in full bloom and we’ve got plenty of other bulbs popping up now too. We spent a bit of time out in the garden this weekend doing a few little jobs to tidy up. But the main job we had was to build the base for our new shed which is arriving this coming week. 


Putting a shed base up sounds pretty simple, right? Wrong! We were hoping to get it all done and dusted yesterday, but then we realised that our drill was broken. So that meant a trip out to B&Q for a new one before we could do anything else…and then (obviously) the battery needed charging for 3 hours before we could get started! Argh! Eventually we managed to get it built in our garage, so that today we could ‘just put it in the ground’…




But it wasn’ quite so simple as that! Because we live on a hill, getting the ground exactly level is quite tough so that’s why we decided to get the base in the first place. But we still had to make it as even as we could, which took a lot of digging. After lots of hitting with mallets and checking that the base was level, taking the whole thing off and starting again, we finally finished! Tom came up with the good idea of putting some flagstones as steps at the front to help support the base.




I really hope that we’ve done it ok! At least someone else is putting the shed up 🙂 The reason that we’re getting a shed is that we’re planning some major building work this year, which will mean we don’t have a garage anymore…I can’t say any more than that yet because we’re still waiting for planning approval and I don’t want to jinx it! But if it all goes through then you’ll be hearing lots more about it!


I definitely need a cuppa after that…look out for another post later today – how to make your own raspberry curd! Hope you’re having a great weekend whatever you’re doing! 🙂

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  • Pretty in Gingham

    09.03.2014 at 16:22 Reply

    Beautiful flowers!

    • Clare

      09.03.2014 at 17:49 Reply

      Aren’t they just?! They’re even more lovely when they open up, but they didn’t want to today!

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