Today we’ve spent the whole day in the garden, which has been so lovely! The weather was sunny but not too hot, which meant that we could tackle some of the jobs that we’ve been meaning to do for ages. This involved a lot of digging! The first job was digging up the strawberry patch, which had pretty much been overrun by weeds as you can see:


The plants had also spread out quite a lot, so some of them were growing in the lawn! Having cleared all the plants I was really pleased to find that our peonies have survived the winter – they are quite difficult to grow but they are in quite a sheltered corner. I’m really looking forward to seeing them bloom this year – hopefully I’ll be able to get a photo!


This year, we’re trying to keep the strawberries a little more contained, so we made a little area for them using this willow edging – it looks a little bit like an Anglo Saxon settlement, but I’m hoping it will stop them spreading too much! It will also help to keep snails at bay, so fingers crossed…


After lunch we carried on digging in order to get rid of more weeds! We cleared the raised beds ready for planting and tidied up around them. This is what they looked like before and half way through:


Once cleared, we planted some veg – carrots, spring onions, courgettes, rocket and spinach. All of these things seem to grow well in our garden, and we’re hoping that they’ll do even better with these raised bed covers that let light, air and water in and keep everything else out! The woodchips around the edge should help us to keep control of the weeds.



The final job was to plant some potatoes in pots – we’ve gone for Charlottes because you can pretty much do anything with them and they’re easy to grow! As they grow we’ll keep covering them with soil until they reach the top of the pots.


I did have a little incident whilst gardening today – I stood on a rake and it hit me in the face! It was just like in a cartoon and it really hurt…my eye socket is rather sore now! So to make myself feel better I took these lovely photos – I can’t remember the exact name of the ones on the right hand side but I’ll look them up and let you know when I next do a gardening post.


Hope you are having a great weekend! 🙂