Christmas in Maryport

We spent Christmas in Maryport and had such a wonderful time! The weather forecast was pretty terrible and it rained all day on the day we travelled (it was that really fine rain that soaks you through!), and we expected it to be the same for the whole week. But we were actually very lucky, and there were only a couple of showers in the end – yay! I took a few photos round and about and thought I would share a few of my favourites with you. I love the seaside all year round, but there’s just something special about it in winter. We escaped the snow (it very rarely settles here anyway) but it was very cold! 


I took these first few photos on Christmas Day – we managed to head out just as the sun was coming out! I love the Christmas flag that we spotted in someone’s garden.

We celebrated Tom’s 30th birthday whilst we were there – I made a special smarties cake (which was quite big, but I was pleased with how it turned out!).

These final photos were taken on our last day in Maryport. The light was amazing, and the colours were so beautiful –  we could even seen snow on the peaks in Scotland as well as snow on the Lakeland fells!

I hope you have enjoyed these photos, and that you had a wonderful Christmas break! 🙂


  • Jennie Bisset

    02.01.2015 at 13:29 Reply

    I hope you have a craftastic 2015! When your marvelous new kitchen is ready there will be no stopping the culinary activities (both of you )! And Clare, I’m sure you’re buzzing with all the projects you want to be getting on with. I’m determined to make as much as possible using only the fabric I have. It’s my new year’s resolution, along with losing weight! Love Jennie.

    • Clare

      04.01.2015 at 14:27 Reply

      Oh thank you so much Jennie – a very Happy New Year to you! 🙂 They are good resolutions to have – I’m just writing a post about my goals for 2015. It’s nice to reflect on last year and things ahead! I can’t wait to have our new kitchen. The roofer is coming tomorrow, and once that is done and the windows are in they will knock through to our current kitchen – yay! Have a wonderful 2015! xxx

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