Photo cards are really simple to make, and you can customise them for every occasion. I do find myself looking at a view and thinking ‘that would make a lovely card’, so be warned – once you’ve started, you’ll always be looking for that perfect photo! You just need a few simple things to be able to make beautiful cards for all occasions. Say thank you to a friend, remind someone of a happy time together or say Happy Birthday – the possibilities are endless!


You will need:

A selection of 6 x 4 photos
A selection of A4 card in colours of your choice
Some double-sided sticky tape
A pencil and ruler
A paper trimmer


Photo cards | Hello! Hooray!



Step 1. Measure half way along the card and trim it so that you have two smaller pieces. Carefully fold in half again to make your card.


Step 2. Trim the photo to fit the card. I like to leave a fairly large border around the edge, but you could leave a narrow one if you prefer.


Making photo cards | Hello! Hooray!


Step 3. Measure two lengths of tape and stick them on the back. Carefully stick the photo onto the card, and turn it over to press it down so that you don’t get fingerprints on the photo.


Finished photo card | Hello! Hooray!



And that’s it! Super easy but really effective. This photo is of a Queen of the Night tulip that we had in our garden a couple of years ago, but you could use any photo for any occasion. This was the willow tree we had in our garden (before it blew over!):


Willow photo card | Hello! Hooray!



And these were some holiday snaps!


Photo cards with holiday snaps | Hello! Hooray!



Why not take some snaps at Christmas for cards next year? Happy snapping! 🙂