The handmade Christmas gift challenge – Tom’s project

The handmade Christmas gift challenge – Tom’s project


If you’ve seen my previous post about the handmade Christmas gift challenge, then you’ll know that Tom and I decided to make each other a present for Christmas with a budget of £10. Tom was really pleased with his stocking – yay! At some point this year I’ll get around to making myself one…hopefully!

I said that I’d show you all what Tom made for me, and it is this absolutely beautiful weaving, which he made using some of the cotton that I used to embroider the waistcoats for our wedding last year (if you missed that, click here!). I’m absolutely thrilled with it!


Today we carefully put it into a frame that I had, which was quite a delicate operation…



Now I just need to find a very special place to put it! 🙂


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