Stamped birthday bunting card



It’s my Mum’s birthday today (Happy Birthday, Mum!) and I wanted to make her a special card. I’ve combined three of my favourite things here: pretty paper, bunting and stamps! I bought all of the things to make this card from Paperchase – one of my favourite shops! 🙂


You will need:


A piece of white A4 card
A selection of coloured papers
Some alphabet stamps
An ink pad
Scissors and glue


Step 1


Take the first letter stamp and stamp it on one of the pieces of coloured paper. Cut out a triangle around the letter.




Repeat this with all of the other letters.


Step 2


Fold the piece of A4 card in half and arrange the bunting pieces. I originally wanted to make a landscape card, but after moving them around a little I realised that portrait would work better for my bunting.


Step 3


Glue each bunting piece onto the card – don’t worry about glueing the pointy bits of the triangles, as this gives a better effect of the bunting hanging.




Ta-dah! That’s it – you’re ready to send it! 🙂

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