Everyone has a month where you have loads of birthdays, and for us it’s June! I like to make things for people if I have the time, and spotted this lovely loop scarf in Love Sewing Magazine – it’s simple to make and I knew it would make a perfect gift. So I made three of them for three lovely ladies! 🙂

For two of the scarves I chose some fabric from the John Lewis 150 collection. There are some absolutely gorgeous prints in this collection, and although it is more pricey than some fabrics, it’s really wide and excellent quality (as you’d expect!) so it’s worth it. What I also like about it is that the colours and prints compliment each other, so you can easily mix and match with different combinations.






I’m not allowed to replicate the tutorial (because of copyright) but here are some photos from the making process:








And this is the other side of the scarf in the first picture:




I then made another one from these gorgeous fabrics by Beth Studley for Makower UK – I found these in John Lewis too. I’m in love with the henna floral design, and am planning to make a top out of it! I completely forgot to take a photo of the finished scarf, but the prints compliment each other really well.




Having made three of these, I might get around to making one for myself too! It’s a really lovely design, and I like having the option to reverse the scarf. I’ve been really impressed by the first two editions of Love Sewing Magazine and am looking forward to trying out more projects – and to receiving my copy of Tilly Walnes’s book for subscribing 🙂 Hooray!