I bought these wooden drawers months ago, and did a little blog post about them at the time with my idea to do them up. This year really has flown by – when I looked for the original post, I was really surprised to find that it was in January! So, it’s October and I’ve finally got around to doing it! The insides of the drawers had been painted but they were a bit dusty (maybe done with chalk paint?), and because I want to use them to store haberdashery bits and pieces I thought that I’d be able to line them.


I chose some pretty scrapbooking papers to line each one. The first job was to measure up and make a template – harder than it sounds, as each drawer is slightly different, but I managed to make a ‘one-size-fits-all’ pattern!





When the pieces were cut out I used some glue on each piece to stick them in, starting with the sides. I didn’t put glue right to the top, but used some double-sided sticky tape along the tops to make sure that the paper really sticks well.





Once all of the drawers were lined, I left them for a few hours to dry (this also gave me time to decide what would go in each drawer!). I measured out some pieces of card for labels and then used some rubber stamps to stamp each one. Ta-dah!




I’m really pleased with how they turned out 🙂 I actually found a larger set not so long ago, and I’m planning to do the same with those ones too! Photos to follow…when I get around to it!