Category: Recipes

Vanilla shortbread
March 1, 2015

Sometimes, you just feel like doing a spot of baking. This vanilla shortbread is something that I made when I felt just like that! It's simple to make, and I didn't do anything...

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Boeuf Bourguignon pie
February 16, 2015

Our dear friends bought us a copy of The Great British Bake Off: Big Book of Baking for Christmas, and as soon as we looked through the yummy treats in the book, we knew that we...

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Mushroom stroganoff
January 26, 2015

This mushroom stroganoff recipe is brilliant - it's really tasty, uses cheap ingredients and is so quick to make too! Win-win. We couldn't get hold of a varied selection of...

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Chocolate and salted caramel squares
January 23, 2015

I've had a few recipes saved up for the time when we don't have a kitchen, and this is one of them. I apologise if you're trying to be healthy there are some links to healthier...

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Banana and Nutella cake
January 16, 2015

Last weekend, we packed up the remaining items in our old kitchen in preparation for the builders to knock through at some point soon. It's going to be really dusty, so best to...

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Open ravioli
December 6, 2014

Cooking has become a little trickier since we started our kitchen work. Although we do still have a functioning cooker and sink (for now), we have packed away most of our kitchen...

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