Category: Recipes

Martha's apple and cherry traybake
June 20, 2015

I'm very excited to feature a guest blogger today, with a really delicious recipe! My Mum's friend Martha (age 7 - nearly 8 :-) ) loves to bake, and she sent me this recipe to...

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Spicy aubergine chips with couscous
June 8, 2015

We tried out a delicious new recipe yesterday which I found in the latest international edition of Flow Magazine (issue 9). It is taken from Rachel Khoo's book, My Little French...

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Caramel cake
May 17, 2015

Today is World Baking Day and so I had to share a cake recipe with you! I made this caramel cake for my Mum's birthday last month, and the recipe originally comes from the...

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Smiley jammy dodgers
April 17, 2015

Don't you just love a jammy dodger? These ones are special: they are smiley jammy dodgers! I spotted the cutters for these biscuits in Lakeland a while back and just had to get...

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