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Orange and almond Victoria sponge cake
May 24, 2016

It has been a little while since I managed to do any baking - I did do a bit in the last couple of weeks of my pregnancy as I had a thing about flapjack (recipe here) and wanted...

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Rainbow birthday cake
February 12, 2016

Hey everyone! Hope you're all well? I was true to my word in my last post when I said that posts would be a bit more sporadic over here...lots of nesting and sleeping has been...

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Shepherd's Pie with oomph and aah
October 1, 2015

I love the book by The Incredible Indian Spice Men which accompanies the series of the same name. They have included many traditional favourites in the book, giving a twist to...

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Lemon and elderflower drizzle cake
July 22, 2015

Having made a batch of elderflower cordial, I was keen to find some other ways to use it. Lemon and elderflower is a classic combination, and I'm a big fan of a lemon drizzle cake...

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Spiral courgette tart
July 19, 2015

It has been a busy weekend here working in the garden between rain showers, and on blog projects - you'll be able to see my garden bench makeover here tomorrow :-) I also made...

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Elderflower cordial
July 9, 2015

I have spent the last couple of summers saying that I wanted to have a go at making some elderflower cordial, but I have only just managed to get around to making some this year!...

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