Category: Recipes

Christmas Cake
November 6, 2016

There are some times when it's a bit to early to use the 'C' word, but when it comes to making a Christmas cake it's good to be organised! Last year, my Mum gave me the recipe...

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Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake
September 28, 2016

I recently made Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake for a dear friend who is now dairy and gluten free. It can actually be quite difficult to find recipes that are both gluten and...

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Ultimate vanilla ice cream
September 4, 2016

We recently bought an ice cream maker as a joint wedding anniversary present to ourselves. Technically, 3 years is meant to be leather but we decided that this was much more...

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Yorkshire Day parkin
August 1, 2016

1st August is Yorkshire Day, so we are celebrating by making some special Yorkshire Day parkin! It isn't really called that, but Tom is taking a batch into work as it's his first...

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