Chilaquiles – the real Mexican nachos



Last Sunday, we went to our first Newcastle United home game – despite living here for 9 and a half years! Their opponents were Aston Villa and Tom is a Villa fan (so we won’t mention the score…). I don’t support any football team, so spent the whole game clapping everything! ­čÖé


We wanted something super quick for tea and decided to have this – we poached the chicken the day before and had already made the tomato sauce so all we had to do was construct it. This recipe is taken from ‘Mexican Food Made Simple‘ by Thomasina Miers, which is also where the tomato sauce comes from. We cheated a little bit by buying a bag of lightly salted tortilla chips – the original recipe says to make your own tortillas and cut them into triangles, but that defeated the object of this being a quick meal. If you’ve got friends coming over this would make a great dish for sharing!

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Super Soup



This ‘Super Soup’ lives up to its name – it’s really healthy and tastes delicious! And it doesn’t take very long to make, which means that you could whip up a batch during the week. You can pretty much put any vegetables you like in a soup, but this seems to work well as a combination! This will make a huge pan of soup, which you can freeze in batches if you wish.

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Roast tomato sauce



I absolutely love Mexican food, but have only really got into it over the last couple of years since I’ve been able to eat much spicier food. I still can’t stomach super hot things, but at least Tom doesn’t tease me as much about it now! This sauce is a staple for lots of Mexican dishes, and comes from ‘Mexican Food Made Simple‘ by Thomasina Miers. This is such a fantastic book, and I want to make everything from it! But I started with this simple sauce so that I can use it for a basis for other recipes. One quantity will serve 4-6 people and also freezes well. This sauce does take 40 minutes to make, so if you’re using it as a basis for another recipe you’ll need to bear that in mind.

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Cod with romesco sauce



Before I begin with this super tasty recipe, I must apologise for this terrible photo! The light in our kitchen was truly awful last night and no matter how hard I tried, I could not get a decent snap. So one day I’ll make it again and get a photo in better light!


We decided to make this for a day-after-Valentine’s meal, as we were out with friends on Valentine’s night itself. It’s a super tasty and really healthy recipe, although we undid all of that by following it with Mississippi mud pie! ­čÖé We halved the original amounts shown below as there were only 2 of us, but it would be a great meal to cook for friends. This recipe comes from Gordon Ramsay’s ‘World Kitchen’. Continue reading…

Rose shortbread hearts



These shortbread biscuits were inspired by some that we received as a present, and I thought that I’d have a go at recreating them by making up the recipe myself! They would make a perfect Valentine’s or anniversary gift, and are delicately flavoured with rose (as long as you don’t go too mad with the rose water!). I used Taylors’ China rose petal tea for this recipe – it’s better than using a flavoured black tea. Continue reading…