Sun dried tomato and parmesan bread


I have wanted to make this delicious bread from scratch for some time now, because we usually buy the packet mix (which is super tasty). I always thought it would be more complicated to make than it actually is, and it only takes an extra 5-10 minutes to prepare in comparison to the packet mix. So I’ll definitely be doing this again – the extra minutes are more than worth it! Bread-making is such a satisfying thing to do. Why not try it this weekend?

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Spinach and ricotta enchiladas



This is another recipe from ‘Mexican Food Made Simple‘ by Thomasina Miers, which has quickly become one of my favourite recipe books. You’ll need to make some roast tomato sauce for these enchiladas, which takes a little while but will be worth the effort! We altered the quantities to make this for two, but I’ve put the original quantities here. Again, I must apologise for the not-so-brilliant photo here – at least the clocks go back this weekend and nights will soon get lighter for taking good food photos! 🙂 Continue reading…

Tagliatelle with sausages, rosemary and porcini mushrooms



Today I made pasta (for only the second time) and remembered how much I enjoy doing it! It’s definitely something to do on a weekend, and it’s easier than you think too. My first attempt was some ravioli, and today I tried out my tagliatelle attachment 🙂 I had to get Tom to help me put it through the machine because it ended up being really long!  Continue reading…

Lemon cupcakes with raspberry curd filling


Having made my raspberry curd I wanted to make something special with it. My friend Laura returned to work following her maternity leave this week, and this seemed like a perfect excuse! I had a little look online for some recipe ideas and was inspired by this one on the Smells Like Home food blog, but I actually decided to use my tried-and-tested recipe for lemon Victoria sandwich by Mary Berry and make cupcakes instead. Continue reading…

Raspberry curd



Having made my own lemon curd last year, I’ve been completely hooked on it ever since! But not so long ago I discovered raspberry curd (shop-bought) and decided that I’d definitely have a go at making it myself. This weekend I finally got around to doing it – yay! It’s really creamy and zingy at the same time, and if you love lemon curd then you’ll love this too.

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Linguine with creamy pesto, caramelised red onion and spinach



I often decided to make up a recipe when I have a particular ingredient that needs using up, and this recipe came out of one of those occasions. We had a little bit of goats cheese left and, after feeling uninspired following a quick internet search, I decided to get a few simple ingredients and go for it! You don’t need much of the goats cheese at all – if you don’t like really rich food then you could probably just leave it out. We used some salami Napoli here, which is optional too if you would prefer a meat version.


This recipe uses the creamy basil pesto recipe that I’ve already posted, so you’ll need to make a batch of that before cooking the rest of the ingredients. Continue reading…