Fusilli with chestnut mushrooms, leeks and mascarpone cheese


We love pasta, and have recently been trying out lots of new recipes 🙂 You may have guessed from the picture that we didn’t use fusilli here, but instead went for some elk-shaped pasta that I found in Ikea (we love novelty pasta too, haha!). This is a simple but delicious dish that is perfect for a week night – if you’re making it veggie then make sure you use a veggie substitute for the Parmesan.

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Lemon posset


Lemon posset is one of those things that I’ve seen on loads of cookery shows, but have never got around to making – until now! It’s surprisingly easy to make and tastes delicious, so if you’re looking for something to make for friends I’d highly recommend it. The amounts here serve 2 people, but you could easily double up the quantities. Serve in some small glasses or ramekins (my UK followers might recognise these ones if you’ve ever eaten a Gu dessert – we’ve recycled the ramekins they came in!).

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Spinach and feta tart | Hello! Hooray!

Spinach and feta tart

This spinach and feta tart is surprisingly easy to make and tastes delicious – it’s perfect for a summer meal or you could take it on a picnic too. I made my pastry from scratch, but you could use a pack of shop-bought to make it even easier. What’s really great about this recipe is that you don’t have to mess about blind baking the pastry, you can just line the tin, pop in the filling and then bake. Great! Read More

Ginger Crunch | Hello! Hooray!

Ginger crunch

This weekend looks set to be a lovely sunny weekend, so get your picnic baskets out and get out there! This recipe for Ginger Crunch is the perfect to make to take out on a picnic – it really is so SO good 🙂 Ginger is definitely one of my favourite flavours, and if (like me) you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love this recipe! The fudge topping is really easy to make, and will set really quickly at room temperature, so no need to put it in the fridge. The original recipe says to use a 24 x 34 cm baking tin, but I used my brownie pan to get a much thicker version!

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Cod and chorizo orzo

When it comes to fish, I must admit that I’m not particularly adventurous. I basically don’t like eating anything if it can look at me, so that rules out quite a lot (I know that’s ridiculous, but…)! In addition to that, I don’t really like the fact that a lot of fish is just a bit faffsome to eat. So this recipe is perfect – you flake the cooked fish before adding it to the rest of the ingredients, and the chorizo works so well! Yum 🙂 We made it for the second time tonight, and it’s one of those recipes that works well every time, so I just had to share it.

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