Pesto pizza with aubergine and goat’s cheese

I love making pizza from scratch – it’s a great thing to do at the weekend when you’ve got loads of time to make the dough. It tastes and smells amazing, so if you haven’t ever made one, why not have a go this weekend? I usually make tomato sauce for the topping but spotted this recipe and just had to try it out. You could make it easier by buying pesto (and a pizza base if you like) but it really is worth the time and effort – I promise! 🙂


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Aubergine and chilli tagliolini


I tried out this recipe this evening and it’s really easy, really tasty and low fat – brilliant! I halved the quantities here for the two of us, except for the 400g tin of chopped tomatoes. I think next time I’d put a whole chilli in for 2 people, but that’s just personal preference! I used linguine here, which was slightly on the done side because we were trying to rescue a butterfly…

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World Cup Cake Off


In 2006, we were very lucky to get tickets to go to some of the World Cup matches in Germany – I’m not a huge football fan, but I must admit that going to matches is far more exciting than watching it on TV! As the 2010 games were in South Africa (and going there was never going to be a possibility) I decided to make a World Cup cake instead – here it is:


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Ricotta beef burgers


As you know, I like trying out new recipes whenever I can! I found this when I was looking for Easter recipes (not that this really has any special Easter connection) but it said that it’s quick to make so I thought I’d try it on a weeknight. The recipe serves 6 – I made up the whole batch and have frozen the rest for another day (I put a later of greaseproof paper between each batch of 2 so that they don’t stick). Continue reading…

Malteaser Tiffin | Hello! Hooray!

Malteaser tiffin

It feels like ages since my last post – and it also feels good to be back! 🙂 I thought that I’d share this amazing recipe for Malteaser tiffin with you first. I’m a big fan of tiffin, and this version is extra chocolatey! I changed the original recipe slightly by using 70% dark chocolate for the topping instead of milk chocolate – I’m really pleased that I did, because the combination works really well. And it looks pretty with the white chocolate stars that I added too!

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Warm raspberry and orange cupcakes with an orange sugar drizzle


I haven’t done any baking for such a long time because we’ve been trying to eat more healthily recently, but we had a couple of days off this week and I just fancied doing a bit! I decided to look for a new recipe with fresh raspberries and came across this one – these cupcakes are quite tangy and so moist, so if you’re looking to make something that isn’t too sweet, these are perfect. Serve them warm with some creme fraiche – yum! Continue reading…