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Aubergine and chilli tagliolini
June 26, 2014

  I tried out this recipe this evening and it's really easy, really tasty and low fat - brilliant! I halved the quantities here for the two of us, except for the 400g tin...

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World Cup Cake Off
June 22, 2014

  In 2006, we were very lucky to get tickets to go to some of the World Cup matches in Germany - I'm not a huge football fan, but I must admit that going to matches is far...

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Ricotta beef burgers
June 16, 2014

As you know, I like trying out new recipes whenever I can! I found this when I was looking for Easter recipes (not that this really has any special Easter connection) but it...

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Malteaser tiffin
June 12, 2014

It feels like ages since my last post - and it also feels good to be back! :-) I thought that I'd share this amazing recipe for Malteaser tiffin with you first. I'm a big fan of...

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