Christmas brownies | Hello! Hooray!
Christmas brownies

Hello friends! Sorry for being a bit quiet here lately – the weeks are just going by so fast! Not long until I go back to the day job so I’m enjoying every moment with Little One. Have you made any Christmassy plans? I’ve been working on a few handmade bits that I can’t share with you yet…and also doing a bit of baking. I love trying out new recipes for Christmas each year, and this one is so good. These Christmas brownies are the perfect treat – the fruit, nuts, hint of spice and brandy all work so well with the chocolate. They really are a taste of Christmas! Even Tom enjoyed them and he’s not usually a fan of fruit and nuts, so that’s saying something!  Read More

Christmas cake | Hello! Hooray!
Christmas Cake

There are some times when it’s a bit to early to use the ‘C’ word, but when it comes to making a Christmas cake it’s good to be organised! Last year, my Mum gave me the recipe card for our family Christmas cake. It was from Family Circle back in the day and has the amounts for various sizes of square and circular tins, so it’s pretty handy. I was so excited to make it! I was pregnant at the time and having a break from my blog, which is why the recipe has only just made it here this year. Now it’s that time again when I’m starting to think about making one for this Christmas. I fed this cake with brandy 2-3 times before adding the marzipan and icing, which I made without egg whites last year. We love this recipe and I hope you will too!  Read More

Nigella's chocolate olive oil cake | Hello! Hooray!
Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake

I recently made Nigella’s chocolate olive oil cake for a dear friend who is now dairy and gluten free. It can actually be quite difficult to find recipes that are both gluten and dairy free, so I was pleased to have found this one! Although you may be put off by the chocolate and olive oil combo, don’t be – there is no way you can tell at all and it’s a bit like a big brownie. I’m hoping to make it again soon as Nigella suggests serving it warm as a pudding. Yum!  Read More

Ultimate vanilla ice cream (and sprinkles!) | Hello! Hooray!
Ultimate vanilla ice cream

We recently bought an ice cream maker as a joint wedding anniversary present to ourselves. Technically, 3 years is meant to be leather but we decided that this was much more appealing! The first recipe we tried out was from the booklet that came with it – white chocolate, which is Tom’s favourite. But it was a bit disappointing to be honest…we should have guessed when it said to use skimmed milk! The texture of the grated chocolate was a bit weird too, as my taste buds said chocolate but the texture was like coconut. Weird. Anyway, we found this recipe for the ultimate vanilla ice cream and thought it was worth a try! At first glance it seems like it is going to be a massive effort over 2 days, but in reality it was much easier. We keep the bowl in the freezer all the time so it’s ready to go when we need it, and that seemed to speed things up a bit. You’ll also need lots of ice cubes ready. It really is delicious, so well worth the wait overnight! Read More