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Tynemouth winter gallery
December 9, 2013

Last Sunday we visited the beach at Tynemouth with some friends who made the long journey up from Essex to visit us. It turned out that it was the furthest North they had ever...

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Newcastle's Central Arcade
August 11, 2013

In issue 8 of The Simple Things magazine, there was a wonderful feature about shopping arcades around the UK. I was fascinated by the stories behind them, and it inspired me to...

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Making Softpots
July 22, 2013

This weekend I went to York to spend some time with Mum and Dad before our wedding, which is now less than 2 weeks away! Mum wanted us to do something crafty and booked us into...

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Footprints in the sand
May 9, 2013

I'm really pleased with these photos of footprints in the sand on Tiree. The wonderful thing about them is that I'd never be able to take them again - once the waves come in the...

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A wonderful week on Tiree (part 3)
May 8, 2013

I've just realised that I still have a few more photos from Tiree to share with you! So much has happened over the past few weeks and I've had so many blog post ideas that I...

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