Violets Cafe Newcastle | Hello! Hooray!
Violets Cafe

Violets Cafe has been on my list of places to visit for a while, and we decided to go for a late wedding anniversary treat – it’s my new favourite place! It is owned and run by Abbie Atkinson, wife of Kenny Atkinson who is the man behind Newcastle’s Michelin-starred restaurant, House of Tides. Having seen the most amazing photos on their Instagram feed we were expecting great things, and it did not disappoint.  Read More

Bradley Gardens | Hello! Hooray!
Bradley Gardens
A couple of weekends ago we had a lovely walk out to Wylam. We can walk along the old waggonways and the Hadrian’s Wall cycle path from where we live, and I love that we have somewhere like that right on our doorstep! It’s nice to go out and feel like you’re in the countryside in no time at all. It was our anniversary weekend and it was my turn to organise an anniversary thing to do, so I had Googled ‘things to do in Wylam’. I found Bradley Gardens, and decided it would be good to go there!  Read More

Columbia Road Flower Market | Hello! Hooray!
Columbia Road flower market
Before travelling to London I had seen so many beautiful photos of Columbia Road flower market on my Instagram feed, so I knew that I’d have to visit whilst I was down there for Blogtacular. I did my research about how to get there and got up bright and early (well, early!) to get there for 8am. Most people seem to go really early if you’re looking to take some photos, or later in the afternoon if you want to grab a bargain! As I was going to be travelling back on the Monday I couldn’t actually buy anything (sadly) so I took rather a lot of photos instead to try to make up for it.  Read More

Craster Harbour | Hello! Hooray!
A day out in Craster
We’ve had the week off this week for reading week (or half term, if you teach in a school!) and it has been lovely to have a few days at home. Last week was completely manic with the busiest week of the year in the day job, combined with playing in a show every night, but we survived and have been able to get some rest this week. Phew! 🙂 A lot of sorting out has been done (see my post on decluttering – it has begun!) and I finished my dress for the Simplicity Blogger Challenge too. We also had a day out in Craster in Northumberland – it’s a beautiful seaside village with a few quaint shops, a lovely little harbour and a great restaurant. Perfect for a day trip!  Read More

Leicester University Botanic Garden | Hello! Hooray!
Leicester University Botanic Garden
I was away at a conference this weekend with my day job, as a few of us were speaking about a reading test that we have developed for our international students. I was really worried about it, but thankfully it went much better than it played out in my head beforehand and I’m very relieved about this! On Saturday morning there was a bit of time where we didn’t really fancy going along to a talk, and as we were staying close by we decided to wander along to the Leicester University Botanic Garden. It really is an oasis of calm! And it was such a beautiful day, so it was really great to get some fresh air and enjoy the garden.  Read More

Birkheads Secret Gardens in spring
We went to Birkheads Secret Gardens for the first time last summer, and bought a season ticket so that we could go again. The gardens opened again a couple of weeks ago, and last weekend we went to have a potter around. The weather forecast had been great all week, but typically it changed by the time Saturday came around! It was incredibly windy but dry, so at least we managed to get out there and have a look at the lovely spring flowers.  Read More