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Future creative projects

Do you have a list of things that you’d like to make? I have one that’s as long as my arm! As well as Pinterest boards full of things that I might get around to doing and a huge stack of books full of beautiful projects that I’d like to complete one day. Early one morning when I was up with Little One (and the birds), I got thinking about this. I do my best thinking then…and in the bath! 🙂 Anyway, I often see things and want to make them but never get around to it. Or I pin things for later, but never look through my boards when it comes to deciding what I want to make next. At the time of discovering that particular project I do really want to make it but then the next thing comes along and I forget about the really inspirational thing that I’ve seen already. So I wanted a way of recording specific things that I very much want to do. That’s where future creative projects come in!  Read More

Embroidered banner | Hello! Hooray!
Embroidered banner

I have been making this embroidered banner as a house warming gift for one of my best friends over the past few weeks, and now that I have given it to her I can share it with you! It should have been finished quite a while back, but I was really ill when we were supposed to meet up so I couldn’t go. Actually, I didn’t get it finished in time either! So I was determined to have it ready for the second time round 🙂  Read More

Fabric banner tutorial | Hello! Hooray!
Painted fabric banner

Fabric banners are everywhere – they pop up in my Instagram feed all the time and I’ve wanted to have a go at making one for ages. There are a few ways to put your letters on, so I thought about embroidery or appliqué, but I love painting on fabric so decided to give that a go! There are so many possibilities with this project, so get creative with different fabric prints and paint colours. Then you’ve just got to decide what you want your banner to say!  Read More