Geometric meal planner DIY | Hello! Hooray! for Oh No Rachio!

Geometric meal planner

I’m so excited to be guest blogger over at Oh No Rachio! today! The lovely Rachel has recently set up a group for creatives over on Facebook and we connected through this, although I’ve been reading her blog for a while now. I designed this project to fit around Rachel’s inspiring fitness posts – a meal planner can be really helpful if you’re trying to eat well. We try to do this as much as possible, and it helps me to avoid buying things we really don’t need at the shops! See the full DIY tutorial here – and be sure to check out the Oh No Rachio blog and shop too!

Geometric meal planner DIY | Hello! Hooray! for Oh No Rachio!

Pink pineapple embroidery | Hello! Hooray!

Pink pineapple embroidery

I love pineapples and they’re everywhere right now. Sadly, I’m allergic to real pineapples, but that doesn’t stop me from stitching one! I spotted this project in last month’s Mollie Makes (issue 55), which was designed by Catherine Greenslade, and knew that I’d have to have a go at making it. The original project uses golds and oranges for the pineapple, but having seen pink pineapples on Columbia Road a few weeks ago, I decided to make mine with a twist!  Read More

Fabric banner tutorial | Hello! Hooray!

Painted fabric banner

Fabric banners are everywhere – they pop up in my Instagram feed all the time and I’ve wanted to have a go at making one for ages. There are a few ways to put your letters on, so I thought about embroidery or appliqué, but I love painting on fabric so decided to give that a go! There are so many possibilities with this project, so get creative with different fabric prints and paint colours. Then you’ve just got to decide what you want your banner to say!  Read More

Craft organisation | Hello! Hooray!

Craft organisation

A little while back, I wrote a little post about us starting to declutter and generally get things organised at home. We have a lot to sort through, but one of the main things that I find frustrating is that my craft stuff is all over the house – some of it is downstairs, but most of it is upstairs and I waste so much time going up and down the stairs to get something else that I have forgotten to locate. Good for exercise, you might say, but it’s not good for my sanity! So we’ve been doing a few things to get organised. We’re getting some shelves built in the living room in a few weeks, and this will enable us to sort out all our music, books, CDs etc. (more on that another time). In terms of craft organisation, I’ll be moving all my craft stuff there when they’re done which will be brilliant! In the meantime, I wanted to begin to get some craft supplies sorted out to be able to have most of the things I use regularly to hand. And that’s where the IKEA trolley comes in…  Read More

Sewing machine bag

Sewing machine bag

A little while back I made a cover for my sewing machine (click here to see that post) and it has been brilliant for keeping my machine super clean! But because I don’t have a craft room, I have to move it around. A lot. It would be helpful to do this without having to take the cover off all the time, and I also do that thing where I sit down ready to sew and then realise that I have left the pedal somewhere else! This just means a lot of wandering around finding things. So I decided to make a sewing machine bag to solve the problem – I can keep my pedal in the bag, and then carry it around wherever I need to!  Read More