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How to make your own ipad case – pdf download

ipad case

Yesterday I posted a tutorial about how to make your own ipad case, but due to a technological hitch I couldn’t include all of the photos that I wanted to (sorry – maybe it was the person doing it rather than the technology!). So I came up with the idea of creating a pdf document with the instructions and extra photos to help – fingers crossed this works…

If you’d like to download a copy, please click on this link SMCSLT Make Your Own Ipad Case Tutorial.


How to make an ipad case

Last week, I became more up-to-date in the technology world because my new ipad arrived! I mainly bought it for work because we’ve recently moved to a new office and have started hotdesking. For those of you who have hotdesked (is that a word?!) the very mention of it may make you shudder. If you haven’t, then you should appreciate every single inch of your own personal desk space – you never know when it might disappear! It was definitely worth investing in an ipad because in addition to doing lots of work I can now blog on the go, which is fabulous! Another advantage is that I get to make my own accessories to go with it (which is also rather fabulous). As with a lot of things that I make I didn’t have a pattern, so I just sort of made it up – but I tried to measure as I went along so that I could make this post into a sort of tutorial. At each stage I kept measuring the case against my ipad (with its cover on), so you may wish to do the same. If you have any questions, please leave a comment! Continue reading…