Category: Crafting

DIY Spice Rack
October 5, 2013

We bought a spice rack several months ago with the intention of finding some little jars and making our own labels for them. As is often the case, we start off with good...

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Lined wooden drawers
October 4, 2013

  I bought these wooden drawers months ago, and did a little blog post about them at the time with my idea to do them up. This year really has flown by - when I looked...

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Embroidered eye mask
September 14, 2013

On Thursday I had lots of crafting planned (I'd been thinking carefully about it all week!) and was really looking forward to making the most of my part time days. But I woke up...

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Making Softpots
July 22, 2013

This weekend I went to York to spend some time with Mum and Dad before our wedding, which is now less than 2 weeks away! Mum wanted us to do something crafty and booked us into...

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Tutorial: How to make envelopes
April 25, 2013

  It's National Stationery Week this week, and to celebrate I'm giving away my trade secret - how to make your own envelopes! They're super easy and make really great...

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