Category: Crafting

Scrabble letters bag
February 19, 2014

  Many, many years ago, I made a bag for our Scrabble letters with my Mum - here it is:     Yes, that does say '1993' and I was 7 and...

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Stamped button notebooks
February 18, 2014

  Many of you will already know that one of my crafty plans this year is to learn how to make my own stamps (see my previous post about stamp-making if you haven't...

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Getting organised
February 14, 2014

  There hasn't been a huge amount of crafting going on here this week, but this is for an important reason: I was sorting out my embroidery threads. I used to keep...

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Tutorial: how to line a vintage suitcase
January 31, 2014

I bought this gorgeous vintage teal suitcase last year with the intention of re-lining it - in fact, I looked at my original post about it and realised that I got it in March! I...

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Scrapbook paper thank you cards
January 29, 2014

  I've never really got into 'scrapbooking' as a thing, but recently I've discovered that scrapbook paper is brilliant for projects where you need a small print. The...

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Making my first stamps
January 26, 2014

  Making my own rubber stamps was one of my top crafty plans for 2014, and today I had my first attempt! I received this amazing book for my birthday (thank you Helen...

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