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How to make an ipad case

Last week, I became more up-to-date in the technology world because my new ipad arrived! I mainly bought it for work because we’ve recently moved to a new office and have started hotdesking. For those of you who have hotdesked (is that a word?!) the very mention of it may make you shudder. If you haven’t, then you should appreciate every single inch of your own personal desk space – you never know when it might disappear! It was definitely worth investing in an ipad because in addition to doing lots of work I can now blog on the go, which is fabulous! Another advantage is that I get to make my own accessories to go with it (which is also rather fabulous). As with a lot of things that I make I didn’t have a pattern, so I just sort of made it up – but I tried to measure as I went along so that I could make this post into a sort of tutorial. At each stage I kept measuring the case against my ipad (with its cover on), so you may wish to do the same. If you have any questions, please leave a comment! Continue reading…

Make your own wedding bouquet

We’re trying to keep the cost of our wedding as low as we can without compromising on the things we’d like to have, and one of the ways in which we can do this is to do the flowers ourselves. I started to do a little bit of research into the cost and I just couldn’t believe how expensive it is for a bridal bouquet, never mind any other flowers! So that got me thinking, and I decided to investigate the possibility of arranging them myself. Continue reading…

Homemade Pizza

I think that pizza is probably one of the greatest food inventions (Tom would argue that the sausage is, in fact, the greatest food invention, but now isn’t the time for debate!). With a homemade pizza you can make it as healthy or unhealthy as you like, and it tastes great cold too. We often make pizza if we’re having friends over on a Saturday night – you can prepare it all earlier and it suits all tastes, which is brilliant.


You will need to do a bit of preparation for this one, as you’ll need to make the bread dough and pizza topping in advance. Use my recipe for Low-fat Tomato Pasta Sauce for the pizza topping, and you can use the adapted version of my bread recipe below for the dough (click here for the link to the original bread recipe). I had a bit of help doing this yesterday – thanks to Tom for making the dough and rolling it out! Continue reading…

Low-fat tomato sauce | Hello! Hooray!

Low-fat Tomato Pasta Sauce

Before I met Tom, I couldn’t really cook. I could make something that vaguely resembled a stir-fry and I was also good at omelettes, but that was pretty much it. I didn’t have much confidence in the kitchen, and before moving away from home I also didn’t have a lot of time for cooking – I spent most of my time playing the violin! But now, thanks mainly to Tom, I’m much better at cooking. Tom learnt watching his Mum when he was younger, and this tomato pasta sauce recipe is one of their standard family recipes which he has now passed on to me. It’s a great basic tomato sauce which you can use in any pasta dish, and it also makes fabulous pizza topping. We usually make a huge stock pot of this and freeze it in small batches, and it tastes even better after it has been frozen. And to make it even better, it’s both low-fat and low-cost. Yippee!

Continue reading…

Yorkshire Parkin

For me, Yorkshire parkin is the true taste of Autumn. I’m a proud Yorkshire lass and there is nothing better on a chilly evening than drinking a cup of tea and munching on a slab of this wonderful treat. This is a really great recipe that was published in the Waitrose Weekend magazine on 13th September 2012. Make sure that you don’t over-bake it as it does dry out rather quickly. Continue reading…

Pumpkin carrot and bacon soup

Pumpkin Carrot and Bacon Soup

Happy Halloween! As you can see we have been busy here decorating pumpkins – as usual, I avoid the really scary stuff and have made the happiest looking pumpkin ever, haha! We are actually not huge fans of Halloween, so this is about all we do (I guess you could say that we’re Halloween scrooges!) – that and enjoying lots of seasonal food.



I decided to look for a recipe using pumpkin, and after trawling through loads of different recipes on the internet I settled on a soup recipe, but I’ve basically combined lots of ideas from lots of different recipes to come up with this one. I must admit that pumpkin isn’t really a vegetable that I usually use, and I suppose that true for quite a lot of people in the UK. But now I’ve tried this out I’ll definitely be using it every Autumn! You could always leave out the bacon to make a vegetarian version of the recipe – just remember to add some salt if you do! Continue reading…