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My name is Clare, and I live in the beautiful city of Newcastle upon Tyne, England. If you’re a new reader then you might like to start here to find out more about me and Hello! Hooray!

About me


I’m originally from York, but moved up here to study Music at Newcastle University in 2004 and decided to settle here after completing my degree. I met my husband, Tom, whilst studying here – even though we’re both from York originally! After graduating I trained to be a secondary school Music teacher and had a teaching job for a few years, but now I work with international students teaching English. If you’d asked me 10 years ago what I’d be doing, I wouldn’t have guessed that this would be it! But I really love living here – it’s such a brilliant place to be.


My first blogging adventures were based around recipes I liked and things I made. I was only just getting into crafting, so some of my makes were pretty basic! One of my biggest projects in the first year of blogging was making the waistcoats for our wedding. I was still relatively new to sewing at the time and it was a huge challenge, but I’m SO pleased that I did it. It really got me hooked on sewing and I loved documenting the process.


Later in 2013, I decided to go part-time in my day job in order to have more time to devote to my new-found passion. This was a big decision for me, and I couldn’t have done it without Tom. I rebranded my blog in 2014 because it had become such a big part of my life and I wanted to take it a bit more seriously. I felt that the name ‘So Many Crafts, So Little Time!’ no longer fit now that I did actually have the time to craft and blog! So Hello! Hooray! was born – a celebration of the things I love to make and do.


Since then I’ve been growing and developing my blog and trying to learn as much as I can about things like photography and how to build my blog. In 2015 I attended my first Blogtacular, and it was amazing to meet other bloggers and creatives who were so passionate about their craft.


2016 has been a bit of a whirlwind so far! I became a Mum (which is the best thing EVER!) and after a long break from my blog I’ve been able to come back to it feeling refreshed and energised, and with lots of ideas. I do have slightly less time again with Little One around, but I’ve found that this makes me more focused with my time and I love catching the odd moment here and there to make something or write a bit more of a blog post. I’m also setting up some craft workshops in Newcastle upon Tyne which I’m SO excited about – you can read more about that here.

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